About Arcade Games

It is a network-connected electronic dart machine which is considered a global standard electronic dart. You can play with friends or with players from all over the world.

Arcade Games is an International Brand Under SEGA Group that produces Games and entertainment since early 2000s.

Arcade Games Card

By using a dedicated Arcade Games CARD during the games, players will be able to record their game results and check them on the Website and/or via the Arcade Games apps.

Huge selection of games for beginners and advanced

Arcade Games offers standard games such as 01 GAMEs and CRICKET Games as well as a number of PARTY GAMEs that are best suited for enjoyment by a large group.

Battle against players from all around the world

"GLOBAL MATCH", the online darts match function, enables players to play darts with people in different countries.

Download the free app

To start the game and keep score, download the application available on the iOS and Android platforms.